Daily Diving

Dahab DivingRed Sea Rangers always have diving Activities on Schedule everyday!

Nearly all of dive sites in Dahab are shore dives, most of them reachable by Jeep and pickups. All with just few exceptions are suitable for all levels of experience.

Restaurants and Bedouin Inn’s are usually not far from diving destinations which makes it much nicer for surface intervals, and great for none diving companions.

Intro Dives

Curious about diving? Want to try how is it like to loose your gravity? Check out our intro dive, your first diving experience.

Designed as an introduction to the underwater world as well as to basics of scuba theory, intro dive is a try dive for all those which are concerned about if they are able to dive, and would like to try it first before signing up for a course.

Local Guided Dives

We dive every day, 365 days a year! Our guides & instructors are experienced professionals with lots of local knowledge. They’re also available daily, to take you on an Intro dive or do a Check dive Book all of your dives in advance, or make up your mind as you go along - everything is flexible around here! Our groups are always small, maximum 6 divers per guide or instructor.

Night Dives

Night dives are always great experiences… many creatures in the sea are only to be sean or active at night.. so why miss seeing them? lets jump in the water after sunset to enjoy the thrill and the new experience!

Camel Diving Safaris

Dahab is the only place in the whole world where two of its greatest dive sites are reachable only by camels.

There are two national parks one lies 8 km to the north of Dahab and it is called “Abu Galum”, and the other is in the south of Dahab Called “Gabr El Bent”.

The last reachable point by car in the north is the Bills/Blue Hole and thats also a nice optional dive that could be made in the way to “ABu Galum” from there divers start carrying their equipment on the camels and go for a 90 min ride all the way to “Abu Galum”. Usually that day starts in the early morning so people could do two dives in the national park and come back in the same day, but it is also possible to arrange an overnight or more there or use camels to dive further north… the unique thing about those areas is that they are totally virgin in nature and reefs and that they also have real Bedouin villages with the rare opportunity to experience real Bedouin lifestyle.

Same is to be done with the south trip to the “Caves”, the last point in the south and then use the camels to “Gabr El Bent”

Boat Diving Safaris

  • Both of our protected areas Ras abu Galoom and Gabr el Bent might be reached both by camel and boat.

Boats going to south and north are double deck and shaded designed specially for diving. Usually we make two dives with a lunch brake; lunch and soft drinks are served onboard.

  • Ras Mohammed , Thistligorm , Abu Nuhas and Tirran Islands

Trips to those famous divesites are arranged on daily basis from our Front office by the bridge in Dahab.

When you book a package with us make sure to include that trip to your package

  • Mini-Safaris are also a great option for those who have limited time to have only 2 or three night on Livaboard.

There are also liveaboard trips allover the Red Sea available by us classified as:

  • North Livaboard Safaris
  • South Livaboard Safaris
  • Deep south Livaboard Safaris

In Borneo you have the top 10 dive sites and muck diving.