Excursion Safaris

Desert safariWelcome to the Second Part of Red Sea Rangers Adventures… “Safari”.

If you come to Sinai you shouldn’t miss those new experiences of the great nature and different lifestyles… We promise you unforgettable experiences with our Desert trips that could range from one or two hours to several days!

Camel Safaris

Experience desert in the nomadic Style, riding camel guided by Bedouin, even if you’re already riding horse back you’ll find this a totally different way to travel.

Camel since always was the nomad’s vehicle of transportation and his medium of exchange. The dowry of the bride, the price of blood was estimated in terms of camels. It is the Bedouin’s constant companion. He drinks its milk; he feasts on its flesh; he covers himself with its skin; he makes his tent of its hair. To him the camel is more than “the ship of the desert”; it is the special gift of Allah: Ata’ Allah.

Camel safaris are usually combined with Bedouin BBQ, or are part of some trips like those to protected areas of Ras Abu Galoom or Gabr el Bent, both of these locations are reachable only by camel or boat.

Quad Safaris

Quad safari in the desert is a great fun on 4-wheel powerful motorbikes.

Driving beach buggy is as easy as it can be, and since these 4 wheel bikes are both strong and fast you can drive it nearly everywhere.

Horse Back Riding

Arabs since always were known for their mastery in horse ridding and breading strictly selected only pure blood horses.

If you feel like taking an hour or two hours ride on the sea shore, sunset time may be one of your best choices. Even if you haven’t ride horse back yet, you’ll find it easy and relaxing experience, and if you’d like to master it under supervision of instructor there are more than just few of them around in Dahab.


4X4 jeeps are the most common and convenient form of transport in/and around Dahab. Jeeps can stand much more than regular cars and such demanding conditions as those in Sinai Peninsula make them irreplaceable.

Most of the dive sites in and around Dahab are reached with 4X4 jeeps, just like surrounding Wadis and mountain valleys. Very often this kind of transport is paired with camel (there are places around Dahab where even this strong cars are useless).

Several Days in the Desert

Sinai Peninsula for thousands of years was one of the most deserted areas of Egypt.

Today cities and towns occupy tiny piece of its coastline, but the interior is still wild and nearly totally empty, only oasis brake hot motionless moon like landscape.

The unique thing about our trips of that kind is that you don’t spend the whole time in the middle of no where but you get to visit some famous Sinai oases and Bedouin village in the middle of the desert!