Other Activities

Hot stone massageDahab - as a holiday destination- has a lot to offer beside diving and Desert and Mountain Safaris.

We arrange various fun and Adventures for our Guest.


If you feel a bit lazy after all your diving, safaris and other activities (or maybe even before them) sun and golden sands of Dahab maybe desire which you can only follow. Give yourself a brake, and listen to the waves while taking a sunbath, just one precaution, remember to smear lots of sun lotion even in the winter time since sun is a permanent guest in Sinai all over the year not just a summer visitor.


Dahab is the centre of Yoga in the near East. Yoga found its natural home in Dahab when, not long ago, it was a real hippy and hang out for alternative living. Today there are more and more yoga courses and classes going on. Among many other yoga practices we can recommend two types: Ashtanga Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.


Many different kinds of massages are conducted in Dahab, starting from the classical methods with or without aroma therapy, through Hindu and Thai school using extensive stretching and stones vibrations.

In Malaysia there is a superb Sipadan spa.


Dahab is great for fishing adventure; it is located on the south eastern side of the Sinai peninsular facing Saudi Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba. The scenery is spectacular, just like the water reach with big Red and Potato Groupers, Tunas and huge Barracudas. If you go to Asia, there is Sports Fishing in Malaysia.


Local reefs of Dahab such as Lighthouse or Eel Garden are perfect places not only for divers but also for enthusiasts of snorkeling; great colors and verity of marine life can be discovered just under the blue surface. Swim with mask and snorkel between the reef gardens and their citizens, even if you are not much of a swimmer´┐Ż conditions are so calm that you don’t have to be a 2000 meters swimming champ to enjoy your snorkeling. If you go to Borneo, try Sipadan snorkeling.

Glass Boat

Another option for none-divers or those which are not convinced even about snorkeling is a glass boat trip. Glass bottom of this boats slides just over the Napoleon Reef corals and its many marine citizens, it’s hard to get any closer to marine life but if you really want; there are always masks and snorkels waiting for you on board.

Wind Surfing

Dahab is one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world. Professional windsurfing centers are to be found in the area. They stock over 140 of the latest model boards, starting with beginner boards (bigger and more buoyant) right up to wave boards for experts. Boards are in great condition and usually not more than 1 year old. Changing rooms, showers, storage spaces, and bars offering refreshments all day long are well established. With regard to security courses for beginners are offered in lagoon with waist deep water.