Dahab flightThere is more than just one way to come to Dahab.


You can take a plane directly from your country (check the nearest travel agent for sure they will offer some flights to Egypt) the most direct one is a flight to Sharm el Seikh which is the nearest international airport in our area.


If you prefer to visit Cairo first, you can find a flight to Sharm el Sheikh from Cairo, another option is bus or minibus.

From Hurghada

From Hurghada you can catch a daily ferry (departures depends on sea conditions, so it may not be the best idea to take it in the winter time) there are also flights directly to Sharm el Sheik from Hurghada.

From Sharm el Sheikh

Few buses are available every day, as well as taxis and minibuses, you may contact us to arrange transport to Dahab for you and your group.

From Egyptian eastern borders

Israel - in Taba you can catch a bus or minibus directly to Dahab

Jordan - ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba, and from Nuweiba bus or minibus directly to Dahab.